Elaaden: Architect on Elaaden

Architect on Elaaden

This particular Architect quest lacks the subtlety of the others.

In this case, talk to the leader of the Elaaden colony, and they'll tell you to go subdue an Architect. Seems simple.

The Elaaden Architect may be the easiest Architect fight of the game- it summons only Assemblers and Breachers, and the terrain offers plenty of shielded and secluded spots from which to attack

The only twist to this one is the Architect's control of the glowy Remnant columns in the area- it can raise and lower these at will to give itself cover, or take away yours.

Still, this is barely even a nuisance, let alone a problem- just stick to the rocky, petrified columns for real cover, and use jumpjets to reposition if something gets in your way. Everything else plays out by the book- interface to send this one to orbit (remembering to loot the chest left behind) and return to the Elaaden outpost leader to complete the quest.

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