Elaaden: Parlay With the Krogan

Parlay With the Krogan

Location: Elaaden

You'll get this task immediately after completing Conflict in the Colony. Make sure Drack is in your team, then follow your navpoint to New Tuchanka. The guards will give you a hard time, but eventually allow you in regardless of dialogue choices.

Oddly, while Aya has a half a dozen fast-travel points, New Tuchanka has none, so you're going to get to know the terrain pretty well. One other note- the incidental emails and logs around the colony are much more comical that other Andromeda locales. You may find them funny or just out-of-place, but they're worth checking out.

Head all the way the down the vaguely spiral-stair structure of the colony to speak with Ravanor Brenk.

You barely have a chance to introduce yourself before he runs off, and Overlord Morda steps in.

No matter what you say, she doesn't exactly warm to you. Leave her negative energy behind, and follow up with Brenk, down in the fighting pit.

He'll tell you about Morda's plan to harvest the drive core of the colossal Remnant ship in the desert, and use it as bomb against the Nexus. Finishing this conversation completes the quest, grants a small Viability reward, and automatically launches the Investigate Remnant Derelict quest.

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