Elaaden: Save Dr. Okeer's Krogan Research

Save Dr. Okeer's Krogan Research

You may remember this name from ME:2- the scientist responsible for making Grunt. Hear it again by talking to the Krogan geneticist just inside the entrance to New Tuchanka.

He'll spin you a tale of a mislaid terminal with Okeer's data. Follow your navpoint to a little assembly platform in a desert valley. The terminal you want will be marked by the usual skull-screen icon.

Activate the terminal to begin a hack-the-point sequence. It seems like you could just take the whole terminal with you, but I suppose SAM deserves some fun too .

Dropship after dropship of raiders will pour in, landing fighters on random sides of the platform.

While the characters freak out about how dangerous the situation is, you are still just dealing with standard Raiders at a goodly distance. Keep picking them off until the clock runs out, then mop up survivors.

Return the data to the geneticist for a scrap of dialog, no plot resolution, and some AVP.

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