Eos: The Secret Project

The Secret Project

Location: Eos

In the valley below Promise, by the water's edge, is a second failed settlement named Resilience. Entering its borders is enough to trigger this mission.

Investigate your objective marker to find a building that seems to have been locked from the outside- as a way to imprison something dangerous.

Intrepid Pathfinder that you are, open the door and venture inside. Scan the science equipment before activating the power terminal at your objective marker.

This not only unleashes a gigantic armored Fiend, it also summons several dropships' worth of kett. Dandy.

This is a tough, chaotic fight. Your primary advantage is your jumpjets- with the sprawling buildings here, you can always leap to cover when things get dicey. Try to isolate the kett for disposal, while being mindful to keep out of charge-distance from the Fiend.

There's easily enough ammo here to slay the Wraith through conventional means, but biotic combos will aid the process immensely. Also, try to get a scan while it's still alive, as it disintegrates immediately on death.

When the guns have finally gone quiet, follow your marker back to the containment room, where a console will reveal that the colonists here were working on a secret technological adaptation.

In order to complete the project, you'll need to gather and scan the components. The first one is just in the next room.

The next is near some shuttle wreckage by the southeast edge of the lake.

The last is in the Kett research center near the third monolith cluster.

All three components show up on your map, so are fairly easy to track down. When you've got them all, head back to Resilience and scan the project to score some Viability points and new research.

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