The system where your story in Andromeda began, Eriksson is the Scourge-wracked home of Habitat 7.

System Anomalies: 1

There is an anomaly in the Scourge cloud, up and to the right of the sun. This is the wreckage of the Eudoxus, the ship Dr. Aridana is concerned about in the Missing Scientists Task. The craft itself is unsalvageable, but you can glean 50 Remnant research data from the logs

Planets: 4

Markland: Unremarkable frozen world.

Helluland: This planet can be scanned for an Aluminum deposit (66)

Vinland: A crater on the surface can be researched for 270 XP

Habitat 7: You cannot land on Habitat 7 again, but you scan it to glean 50 Milky Way research from an abandoned satellite.

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