Havarl: Forgotten Stars

Forgotten Stars

Locations: Havarl

Talk to Raashel Vier in Pelaav Research Station (the first Angaran outpost you encounter on Havarl).

She'll task you to retrieve some data from her ruined home. Which is just a stone's throw from where you're standing. Follow the marker to the surprisingly isolated ruin.

Clear any beasties in your way, then enter the house. Vier's equipment is ruined, but she'll give you a lead on getting the data backup. Before you go, be sure to loot the orange case of minerals by the door, and scan the Integrated Tech Node here.

For all of Rasshel's talk of underground memory centers, the last step of the quest is just following your scanner to a computer hidden behind a tree and a rock. Use it to complete the mission, gain some Viability points, and win Vier's effusive praise for about three minute's work.

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