Havarl: Turian Ark: Not Dead Yet

Not Dead Yet

Locations: Havarl

This is the first concrete step you take toward finding the Turian Ark. You get rumours of turians on Havaral after the discovery of Aya, and by the time you actually touchdown on the jungle world, there's already a nav point waiting for you. Head over when you're not tied up with the main quest.

You'll arrive to find it besieged by Roekaar. Charge in and save the day- there's plenty of cover, and plenty of other targets to distract the bandits.

When the place is clear, talk to the commander for the lowdown.

This places the mission on hold until you encounter other survivors or remnants of the Natanus. Speaking of which, you can chat with Drusa in the camp (marked by an exclamation point), to activate the Turian Salvage task.

You might as well grab the Memory Trigger toward the back/south side of the compound as well.

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