Jaal Ama Darav : Flesh and Blood

Jaal Ama Darav : Flesh and Blood

After the defense of Prodromos and a vidcall from Akksul, Suvi will let you know that Jaal wants to speak with you. Enter his quarters to find him facetiming with his moms.

It seems a number of his siblings have joined the Roekaar (Hopefully it was recent, given that we've killed, like, hundreds and hundreds of Roekaar). Jaal asks for your help retrieving them. Agree, and he'll set up a meet with a contact on Havarl. Find them on the shuttle platform of the Pelaav Research Station (the one right next to the Tempest).

They'll set you up with a shuttle ride to the Forge, a sacred spot where the Roekaar have gathered. Talk to the pilot on the other side of the platform to launch the mission.

Jaal tells you to step softly here, but you don't actually have to. When you do reach the clearing that houses the welcome area, it's completely deserted

The cabins here are worth exploring- they have containers, scannables, and multiple audiologs explaining the current situation. However, there is nothing unique there either, and ignoring the lore does nothing to impact the flow of events later. When ready, enter the objective makred door for a brief cutscene.

When it's over, kill the two Raiders. Read the datapad, if you like, then enter the courtyard for a fight worthier of your skills.

Keep an eye out for Angaran sharpshooters- including your own. For some reason Jaal likes to take cover in places that offer no cover from elevated snipers.

Once the area is clear, you can poke around. As before, exploration will give you some mid-level loot containers, scannables, and audio logs, but nothing exceptional. When ready, go to objective marked door again. This one's locked, but follow the conduit to a generator just around the corner.

Activate the generator, then open the door. Jog through and out of the room just in time to see Akksul blow up the bridge you were about to cross.

Could have been worse- you could have been on it.

Jump across to the lower level of the ravine (your navpoint will tell you exactly where to cross), then fight your way up. There's a goodly number of Raiders and Sharpshooters, plus a Saboteur or two, but they don't use the terrain very effectively. Take them out at your leisure, as they run back and forth looking for a vantage to shoot from.

When they've been swept away, scan the ruins here. You can scan multiple clumps and gain data from each- Jaal has something new to say about all of them.

Move ahead and into a cutscene where Ryder miraculously does not blow Jaal's siblings away before they're revealed (imagine if they'd been wearing those Saboteur helmets - awkward). The conversation still goes badly though, and your next objective to deactivate the bombs Akksul has planted at the Forge.

There are four here- try to defuse to two to the south (closest to the open cliff's edge) first. Reinforcements will continue to pour in from that side, so it's easiest to defuse them early. The other two can be defused from cover

When the bombs have stopped, kill the remaining Roekaar.

Akksul himself finally makes an appearance. Keep your cool, and he and Jaal will debate the future of the Angaran. Things get heated and he'll put a gun in Jaal's face. You have a quicktime event to kill him before he pulls the trigger.

There's really no reason to do so, however. Jaal has told you twice on this mission to follow his play, and killing Akksul only strengthens Roekaar resolve. If you let Akksul shoot, he grazes Jaal, but is revealed as a monster. Many Angaran turn away from him, and he later shoots Ryder. Shoots Ryder an apologetic email, that is.

Unless you just dislike Jaal or love killing Roekaar, let Akksul live to seethe another day.

The mission ends with an epilogue back at Pelaav Station, and Jaal's loyalty earned.

Note that talking to Jaal on the Tempest after ward, and asking some personal questions, begin his romance path in earnest.

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