Jaal Ama Darav: Friend or Foe

Jaal Ama Darav: Friend or Foe

Once he's ensconced aboard the Tempest, chat with Jaal for him to speak a bit of another disciple of the Moshae, one who now leads the xenophobic Roekaar (maybe you've killed a few already). He points out that, if you are truly to make Andromeda your home, you'll have to deal with these rebel fanatics one way or another.

Pick up the thread of this quest on Havarl, searching for the recluse Thaldyr. Luckily, she is not so reclusive that an objective marker can't find her. Just as you get close, however, you'll see a kett dropship disgorging enemy forces.

Kill them all. No matter how quickly you do this, you'll always be a little too late to save Thaldyr, so you might as well the loot the area here, making particular note a of Mineral Cache and scannable Tech Node right next to each other.

Head inside the little structure to find Thaldyr on the brink of death.

She's apparently committed a particularly agonizing form of suicide, and dies before saying anything about how to reach Akksul. The mission is put on hold until Jaal can set up a meeting with the Moshae.

Before you just leave her body for the scavengers, you might as well loot the container here, and scan the crates and tech node.

After you've located the Kett transponder on Kadara, you'll get a message from the Moshae setting up a meet with Akksul. Go to the Mosahe's room in the museum on Aya to attend.

No matter what you say, things go badly, and he storms out with dire warnings. You can choose to express hope about changing his mind or not, but either way the conversation ends with news of distress call from Prodromos. Return to the Tempest and take it at the vidcon.

It's all a little cryptic, so head to Prodromos and talk to Bradley.

He'll give you the details, and a navpoint to check out in Blackrock Tande. Arrive in the area to find a Roekaar force present. No heavy hitters, but watch out for snipers on the periphery.

When they're gone, you have to search for your next objective. Scanner actually doesn't help here, just walk to the large greenish console right of the big Remnant emplacement.

Activating the console will a trigger a convo with Bradley, wherein you decide to lure Akksul's invasion fleet to Reslience (the second failed colony). Go there, and attach the beacon to the communications array on the roof.

You have a few moments before they arrive, so pick a position, and think about how nice it would have been to borrow just one of the turrets from Prodromos. When the Roekaar land, they do so in large numbers. Even if you don't normally snipe it up, think about some long-range thinning of the herd here, or at least getting them scattered a bit before diving in.

It's mostly Raiders and Sharpshooter, but watch out for a lone Saboteur who can zap you when you least expect it. When they're all dead, you'll get word that the rest have been lured to Site 1 - Promise. Motor on over to wipe them out. This time they're the ones that are dug in. Also, they have a Hydra.

Use the buildings to keep your number of active threats at any one time small, and cut down anyone still in your line of sight. You may need to do a bit of jogging to mop up the last few snipers, but gunning down the last one will get your Viability reward, a threat from Akksul, and an invitation back to Prodromos.

Return to Bradley and say a few words to the people for a second AVP reward, and a mission hold while you wait for Akksul to make his next move.

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