Kadara: A Packaged Deal

A Packaged Deal

Location: Kadara

At the eastern end of the Varren Scalp Windfarm on Kadara is a Turian merchant named Thrasia - as you draw close to the windfarm, she'll be highlit with a blue exclamation marker.

Talk to her for a line on a weapons cache stolen from the Initiative during the uprising. The conversation mentions you paying out credits for it, but nothing seems to get deducted from your actual funds.

Travel to the navpoint in the far southwest to get ambushed by an exile dropship.

Watch out for the pariah in their ranks if you plan to lead with biotic attacks, otherwise mow them down as per usual, plus any wildlife that wanders into the battlefield (is there any animal in the entire Heleus cluster that will run from a fight?)

When the field is clear, examined the objective'd trailer to confirm the weapons cache is intact, and loot the other trailer of its multiple containers (mostly low value goods, but you might get lucky)

Return to Thrasia for a large helping of smuggler-doublespeak. No matter you choose to say, you'll wind up with a store discount (now's an ideal time to purchase the Kett Shuttle model for your wall).

Exit the shop interface for mission completion, and a moderate XP reward.

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