Kadara: Cold Hard Cache

Cold Hard Cache

While roaming Kadara you'll occasionally find outlaw sites with weapon caches (highlighted by a magnifying glass symbol)

You can't actually take any of these weapons for use or resale, but as you continue to find clues, SAM will eventually be able to pinpoint a final location. Do be sure to bring a rifle with you- it just makes things easier. Follow your nav to the final base. The outlaws are just about to depart- use your rifle to shoot the explosive barrels on the pad.

This alone grants you your Viability points, but the mission's not over until you mop up the other outlaws as well.

Keep an eye for enemy snipers on the far platforms, and of course don't turn your back on the Hydra mechs,

Still, at the end of the day, you're a Pathfinder and they're not. Put them all in the ground to complete the mission.

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