Kadara: Counting Bodies

Counting Bodies

Location: Kadara

As you leave Kadara port for the badlands, talk to the asari and turian at the water processing station just down the hill.

They'll task you to find five murdered bodies that have been dumped in Kadara's acidic pools. Saneris wants to record their murders for later justice, Drexel just wants to loot them. Either way, three are in the pool in front you- use your scanner and sonar to reveal them beneath the water. The other two are navpoint'd off to the west, but the same strategy applies. You'll even find a few outlaws dumping a new body, but you can't interact with them at all.

Return to Saneris and Drexel. You can choose which to give your data to. Drexel gives you a high-quality Angaran Firaan, but Saneris' promise of justice gives you Viability for both Andromeda and Kadara.

Either choice ends completes the mission.

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