Kadara: Gone with the Wind

Gone with the Wind


This quest pops up when you drive by the windfarm in the Varren's Scalp region of Kadara (take the road left/west out of Kadara port, and look for the hillside covered with bladed cylinders).

You'll have to drive up to the northern side to enter, but outside the farm buildings you'll find an exile named Aislin working on a fallen turbine. Talk to her for a navpoint that should point you to the scavs responsible for the damage.

The navpoint's a little tricky to get to- best bet is to travel to the northmost Forward station (where you found the goons who had been nicking Angaran satellites), drive south east to the vale with the asari who misses her mother, then south west to the nav.

When you get there, you'll find everyone dead. Examine the debris (looks like a shield generator) in the middle of the camp to find out what happened.

Answer: Ancient Eiroch attack. It attacks alone, and while deadly, you can use the high walls and the central trailer here to avoid its charges. Pour on the fire damage and explosives to take this giant down.

Return to Aislin with the news, who takes it well, all things considered. Finish the conversation to complete the mission, and reap a small Viability reward.

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