Kadara: Precious Cargo

Precious Cargo

As part of the overarching Settling Kadara questline, you'll need to work with Reyes. Kick off this particular task by talking to him in his room at Tartarus.

He'll tell you of a secret cargo stolen by associates. You have several flirt opportunities, but the convo still ends with a meeting in Kralla's song to learn more about the heist.

Once there you have even more opportunities to flirt, and dig into Reyes' love life (much to the disgust of the second-greatest asari bartender in the franchise).

Head to the dropsite and scan the area- you'll find a power cable leading to a semi-secret door.

Trace it back to a console in the rocks.

Use the console, then read the datapad in the dead drop.

It has a new navpoint for you, up north by the satellite stealers' base. Drive up to see that someone else has likely beat you here.

Inside, meet up with Reyes and learn the entire thing was a setup by his ex to lure him out.

They'll attack- a few base Raiders, a sharpshooter, and Zie herself. Take them out for a Viability point reward, and mission completion.

You can still scan the Angaran Node upstairs for research, and you'll have a brief convo with Reyes as you leave.

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