Kadara: The Charlatan's Charlatan

The Charlatan's Charlatan


Get this mission from Collective underboss Crux at the end of The Collective Base quest.

She'll instruct you to find out who on base has been creating counterfeit orders. The suspect has human or asari footprints, and their clothes should show high sulfur concentrations. SAM populates 5 suspects and produces navpoints so you can scan them

Despite SAM's 'help', two candidates are neither human or asari. The third is human, but sulfurless, leaving only two major suspects. Lynx, the asari who greeted you, standing under the main complex.

And Dorado, the human tending the adhi kennels.

Talk to them to reveal that Dorado is the no-goodnik, then return to Crux. She'll have Dorado detained, and you'll get Viability for helping to keep the criminal empire here running smoothly.

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