Nexus: Investigating Embezzlement

Investigating Embezzlement

Location: Nexus (after discovering Kadara)

In the Docking Bay of the Nexus, close to Immigration, an exclamation pointed worker will ask for your help tracking down stolen goods. Use your scanner to ID the three wayward crates. The closest is in Hydroponics, at the base of the upward ramp.

The next is the Habitation area of the Hyperion. Just get off the tram, go down the stairs, and look right.

The last is in cryo, in the same pile of clutter where you found Dutch's ingredients in Better Crafting (note that this container is a different shape than the other two).

Finding the last one completes the mission for an AVP reward.

There is an email coda to this one- an anonymous sender explains that those supplies were for the poor and downtrodden of Kadara, now wandering hungry and naked thanks to your meddling. So, yay?

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