Nexus: Life on the Frontier

Life on the Frontier

Locations: Nexus, System View, Kadara

Whether or not you get an email first, talk to Sid after visiting the Aya Vault, and she'll tell you about a pirate group called the Three Sabers.

They've been hitting colonies and resources in such a way that Sid thinks they must be getting info directly from the Nexus, but no one else is willing to look into it. That's where you come in.

Fly to the Nalesh system to inspect the wreckage of a Three Sabers victim. Remember to scan for fresh anomalies, rather than checking out the kett mining vessel wreckage already there.

You'll do the same thing in Solminae, Joba, and Jirayder. As always, the active quest anomaly is the first one Suvi finds. When you've scanned all four (and used the travel time to contemplate the elusive natures of 'game,' 'play,' and 'fun'), you'll be able to track the Sabers back to a hideout on Kadara. Who would have guessed.

Get planetside and follow your marker to the southeast- the same valley area as the denouments of Cold Hard Cache and Out of The Frying Pan. It's in this same vale of infamy that the Three Sabers are based.

They keep some heavy hitters on staff, so don't be afraid to do a little preparatory sniping beforehand.

Thin them out, then take them down. When there's no one left to oppose you, head to the very top room of the complex. The datapad on top of the watercooler will give your next objective- tracking down the old leader of the Sabers.

Of course, this exact same memo is also on a pad two stories down, but that one doesn't advance the mission, and this one does. Loot the container in the penthouse before making tracks for Eos.

On the east side of Prodromos, talk to a guy named Yale for the background on the Three Sabers, and Addison's involvement in the project.

No vidcall this time, hie all the way back to Nexus to confront Addison with what you've learned. Halfway through the convo, Sid will barge in.

Your choice here is to side with Addison, hiding the Saber's involvement with Nexus, or side with Sid and let the truth be known. You get exactly the same amount of Viability either way, so make your own choices. There's good arguments on both sides, but in the end trust is probably more valuable that short-term confidence.

Making this choice ends the mission.

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