Nexus:Path of a Hero

Path of a Hero

Location: The Nexus

On returning to the Nexus after activating the Vault on Eos, you'll find an asari reporter name Keri T'Vessa waiting for you the docking area. Speak to her, and agree to be interviewed.

You can choose to paint a starkly realistic or a Tann-pleasingly upbeat vision of events in Andromeda. This has no effect yet, but Keri will request an interview after each major story event- you'll get an email letting you know when her next interview slot is ready, or you can usually just find her waiting for you in the Docking Bay or Operations. If you consistently pick upbeat options, Keri will mention you getting a reward from Tann (though it's not made clear what this reward is).

Say less-inspirational things and Keri will get locked up. Visit her in Security to free her (it doesn't actually matter what you say, just taking an interest is enough to rattle the powers-that-be).

Accept her interview requests after every major story event, including the end of the main story quest, to complete this quest.

Flirting with Keri during each interview unlocks her romance path, which does not interfere with any other romances, but does add a few extra conversations to this quest.

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