Peebee: Remnant Scanner

Peebee: Remnant Scanner

This picks up where Secret Project left off. Peebee's learned more, and wants to tell you about it. Visit her aboard the Tempest for the story.

She needs some very specific remtech from some very specific ruins.

Start your hunt on Eos. Your quest marker is on island- go to the lakeside west of it to find a console. Activate to bring forth that great legacy of the Remant- a jumping puzzle.

These jumps are actually easier than they look- you can make most of them by just smooshing your face to the column as you ascend- Ryder will automatically grab the ledge when you're high enough.

You'll reach a knot of Remant resistance about halfway across. Nothing dramatic, but be careful with charges and watch your step, it's a long way down.

Cross the bridge, then drop down to the island. The remtech you're looking for is lying right next to console. Claiming it gives an AVP reward, lets Peebee get the position of the next piece, and also triggers an outlaw attack.

The heavy hitter here is the krogan berserker- keep out of his way as you thin the Raiders a bit, then take him down with heavy fire, and any other kind of fire you have available.

When they're dead, scan a data core on the east side of the island, then activate a console on the northwide side to get a gravity-well trip back to shore. You can also just fast travel, but either way, next stop is Havarl.

This bit of tech is in the same Remnant ruin where you found the remains of Zorai's previous heir, and snagged the memory bracelet. Fight your way back up the ramp, and re-enter the crypt.

Your goal is in the large lower room, where the Destroyer was waiting last time. It's best to travel there via the original route (counter-clockwise), otherwise the next part of the quest may not trigger. If you took the clockwise route, try running through the southeast door a few times until Ryder notices all the dead bodies. This triggers a brief Remnant attack, but nothing you can't handle.

When they're down, follow your marker to a door, revealing a lone survivor of the bandits.

This conversation will give you a tiny bit of data on the bandits, as well as your remtech, Viability rewards, and location of the next piece on Kadara. Still, don't forget to loot the container and scan the memory core in this alcove before continuing.

Follow your navpoint to the Kadara site, to find the outlaws already waiting for you. Clear them out.

When they're all gone, you can scan a data core and loot a container, but your goal is the tiny container marked Remnant Relic next to the larger container pile.

But instead of the tech, it just contains a note. Meet Peebee at her usual spot in Kadara port to trigger the next stage of the quest.

Here you find you've been set up. Kalinda has snuck aboard the Tempest and stolen Poc. The quest ends here, but agree to help Peebee and it will be continued in Reclaiming Poc.

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