Voeld: Earn Your Badge

Earn Your Badge

Locations: Nexus, Voeld

Note: At the time of writing, this mission has two bugs that often prevent mission completion.

Start this mission any time after the Angaran delegation arrives on the Nexus, by talking to Andraknor, in the Cultural Exchange. He'll offer you a challenge to see how your N7 heritage matches up to the special forces of the Heskaarl.

Accept the challenge and travel to Voeld. You'll have three navpoints waiting foryou- these can be completed in any order, but they all start by going to the designated location and activating the Heskaarl beacon there. Andraknor will come on comms and outline your challenge.

The westmost challenge is to defeat an Ancient Eiroch. Up to three, actually, depending on your level. Drack is good companion here, and any weapons that use hovering mods will be handy, as you'll be doing lot of jumping (or, alternatively, cloaking) to stay out of heir instakill clutches.

Any party and weapon can defeat these guys with patience, but you may want to leave behind Cora and Liam for this one- their charging melee attacks make them ripe for crushing (though they can be revived as normal).

Going clockwise, the next objetive is to hack the entire database of a Kett installation. This involves doing three hack-the-point challenges back-to-back, in the same base. No special enemies, so just remember to keep your head down, and don't let your team stray too far.

The last challenge is Remant extermination. Additionally, there's a bonus objective to taking them all out more quickly than Andraknor. Your enemies are mostly Assemblers and Observers, so piece of cake.

Note: Take out the Destroyer *last*. Kill it too quickly, and later waves may not spawn, leaving you with not enough kills to complete the mission.

When you're done, return to the Nexus, and talk to Andraknor. He'll be impressed by your skills and say you're welcome in the Heskaarl anytime. And then, nine time out of ten, the conversation will end, but the mission will fail to complete, and while Andraknor still gets a Talk cursor, activating it won't begin a conversation. Saving and reloading does not fix this error.

But at least you've got your pride in a job well done?

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