Voeld: Medical Caches

Voeld: Medical Caches

Locataion: Voeld

Pickup this quest from Dr. Harihn in Resistance HQ, once you've been introduced to the Resistance.

The doctor needs some emergency medical caches around the planet restocked, so Angarans wounded in combat can patch themselves up if they can't get back to base. Grab the supplies and three navpoints will spawn on your map. Most pretty far to the east, so you can expect to encounter some random Kett on the way. You can do them in any order, but we'll go by ease-of-access, The first is on the ice plain east of Techiix- lit by a flare and easy to spot.

The second is the ruined city of Eroesk.

It's pretty deep in the ruin, so keep following your objective marker, and fight off the feral wraiths until you get there.

The terminal here has some touching Angaran emails. It does seems odd to put a medical cache in a frozen ruin overrun with monsters, but that's nothing next to our last stop. The third medical cache is hidden inside the Kett Tactical Operations Center.

So if an Angaran is wounded, all they have to do is storm the center of Kett operations on the hemisphere. I don't know if this plan was fully thought through.

NOTE: If you're having trouble finding this place, it's up the mountain and along a cliffside path, to the shielded cave you encounter in Removing the Heart.

Once all the caches are restored, return to Dr. Harihn at HQ for his gratitude, and reward of Consumable items.

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