Bonus Information

Demon Snake : - Blood Stained VENOM Snake.


Some of you may have encountered the problem that you are covered in blood. You can not remove this by showering or changing uniforms. You also have a horn much larger then the sharpnel piece at the start of the game. This is called Demon Snake. You can acquire demon snake by doing various LETHAL deeds in the game. You can revert back slowly by doing non-lethal or "good" deeds. All it is really is a slight karma based system for Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain.


To raise demon points do the following.

1. Create and nuke. 2. Kill enemies,animals,team members.3.Fail fulton extractions. All of these will net the player demon points. If you do fire damage to enemies you can earn even more points per kill.

To lower demon points do the following .

1. This may take a while longer but you can DISPOSE of the nuke. You can visit the animal conservation area. Extract skulls. Extract children and animals by chopper nets more good karma !

In a nut shell... If it seems lethal or an non moral thing to do in real life. Do NOT do it in the game. On  the flip side if you do good things you will revert back to normal venom snake.

Just know this because it could be annoying or interesting.

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