The sneaking suit for D-dog only becomes available if you have acquired an electro spinning specialist in mission 9 back up back down. It is somewhat hard to acquire because the mission is rather difficult. Please refer to our mission walkthrough if you need help with the level.

The suit looks cool and offers an EXCELLENT silent way of disposing of enemy troops. You can mix it up with other D-dog tactics such as the bark command. You can lure the enemy with bark into a silent sneak attack. This keeps snake safe as well as alert levels at low to moderate.

The stun suit looks very similar to the sneaking suit if not the same. However it packs an electronic punch with it. Harder to visibly see then the sneaking suits knife. The suit comes packed with an electric baton to stun or incapacitate enemies.

When used correctly as you would use the sneaking suit it does not kill the enemy. Instead they will remain stunned for a period of time. Remember there is a time difference between stun and sleep attacks. ZZZ or STN.

This is the best looking suit for D-dog in my humble opinion. D-dog basically becomes your first hand medic. He can extract wounded enemies with any version of the fulton extraction device. However you will need to acquire the first aid manual to build / develop this item. See our blueprints section for information on the first aid kit we have video locations and analysis there.

The best defense for D-dog. This will keep him alive and also give the wound enemy command. Although not as powerful as the other D-dog attacks. The D-dog will still give an advantage in battle with this. You can have him fight off certain enemies while you attack or break away from the hot zone. Also it is a nice looking piece of equipment.

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