- D-HORSE - Battledress + Location and HD Video :      

- D-HORSE - Defecate command + Comic Relief By Kojima :KONAMI:   
In the above two videos the first one is more serious. You will see the D-HORSE adorned in it's very awesome battle gear. the gear even includes a plex glass helmet for vision for the
Horse while riding.

The defecate command is just that. "DO IT" let's the horse take a poop. Not necessary although it's there. That's all there is too it. Yup.. Moving on.

You can gain this awesome armor/costume by Completing side op mission 144. You must secure the man on fire's remains in this side operation. To get it you must start chapter 2 and complete the first main / yellow bulb mission. After that return to Mother base then back to the aerial command center. The side op should appear. Complete it and get the Man on Fire corpse Key item. Then you can develop this armor set. It looks great !


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