The D-WALKER can not only walk and drive. The D-WALKER also has various weapons systems that can be put to use for a combat advantage. One of these is the D-WALKER task arm. The Basic Arm and the C.Q.C. or Close Quarters Combat arm effects very much like SNAKES prosthetic arm. It can knock out enemies and throw them down as well as more.

The fun part is that this arm can be upgraded to more interesting arm types. One of which is the Machete arm. This will literally put a machete hidden under the D-WALKERS task arm. You can equip it and wield it like a sword. You can rush into enemies head on from driving mode then lash them. It's pretty cool and I am looking forward to more.                  

Basically an upgraded version of the task arm machete. This one glows and hints off particles much like the weapons of the skulls themselves. It's nice looking and should be used to take out vehicles. Of course rockets and land mines probably work nicer. However it's a nice mix up weapon to try out and just free roam/side operations with.

You can unlock this one by eliminating the skulls in the first code talker mission. However it will take a high R&D unit level to be able to develop and then deploy. Watch the video below if you can't wait to see it in action !



A Huge 1000 Round pumping Gatling Gun Mini-Gun on only ONE side and ONE weapon set for the D-WALKER buddy. Watch the video below as we capture an entire enemy outpost using just this Setup Alone. Remember you can have 2 sets of weapons at a time on a D-WALKER. Also note D-WALKER has upgrade arms/weapons/heads AND armor. So ENJOY !


Very awesome ! It seeks and destroys targets. Has lock on feature. Holds 8 rockets total and 4 per magazine. Does extreme amounts of damage and can kick the ever living crap out of just about any vehicle in the game including gunships easy ! The only thing it is not so useful against is Sahelenthropus. Other then that this thing is extremely powerful ! See the montage video below.

I am loving it ! So many many options in this game ! Here is another one. This is uber powerful except it has a short fuel span. Just about one burst can take out HEAVY infantry enemies cladded in armor. Test this one out on the armored skulls for me and see what happens ! Also awesome looking and upgradeable via gunship blueprint. See our guide on how to locate this one and more !







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