M1 - Phantom Limbs

Mission 1 . Phantom Limbs .

We have acquired the bionic arm after mission 0. We also acquired certain things such as Cassette tapes. Cassette tapes hold MUSIC which is really awesome.They can also be played on LOOP. So while your traveling you have some cool tunes to listen too. I personally like "Man who sold the world ". 

Then more on Cassettes.You only have your briefings from other members of your team such as Ocelot.further more cassettes that can be found in the field can also be listened too in this menu.

For the quest.I suggest hitting the marker point and staying away from the base directly north.
Hook a right around it. Remember you can even take cover on your horse. You can hang off the side of your horse by pressing A.

Well hook right and head to that marker. When you get to the bridge cross it and head to the last house on the right. Head into the corner and climb up the rocks. Once up and closer to the enemy base. Run around the back. Follow the hose inside then hook a quick right. Miller the NPC we must rescue could be a bit hard to see but he is on the wall chained or cuffed. Uncuff him then take him out the way we came in.

After we get Miller back on the horse. Take the horse back to the marker where the Helicopter is to land. It will begin to mist/storm this is no good. So head around the bridge and you will notice some crazy cybernetic troops following Snake and Miller. Use the Horse and hit X to go faster to the next marker. If you make it there alive get on the Helicopter to end mission 1.

Please note in Mission 1.
You must complete the mission first and mission 2 mother base to be able to RELOCATE the landing point of helicopters. 

100% Recover The Diamonds near Spugmay Keep .
100% Recover the INTEL on Millers Whereabouts .
100% Extracted Miller .
100% Extract the Commander of Wakh Village .
100% Extract the Truck Drive near Wakh Village .
100% Do NOT get noticed by the storm .


-The Diamonds are up on a hill in Spugmay Keep. Look at your map. It is right  near where you start the mission for the first time. On your horse with Ocelot.

-The intel is located near the Afghanistan flag building. The biggest building in Da Wialo Kawai. Note it is also upstairs and inside the house/room. Go around the back and up the stairs to find it.

- Extracting the commander was really hard for me. The biggest problem I had was I kept going in from the west. When you should be scouting from the EAST. So go around the mountain on horse heading EAST. Then come back around and up the mountain. Watch the video if your having trouble.

Use the INT-SCOPE and pinpoint this commander. He is sometimes right near the gates as shown in video. That is where you want him to be. If you have your Windurger No2. or anything else with Tranquilizing rounds use them here you will need them. Use them on the commander. If anyone else is around use them on that enemy. Run in and extract the commander then leave the hot zone.

-Finally the truck driver. The truck driver comes and walks OUT of the truck at the same location ALL the time. The problem is no where on the web told me what time he came exactly. Well ! codebreak is here to GIVE you that time which is 12:55 AM. Puff those PHANTOM CIGARS until then Snake ...You deserved it !

-For the Storm.. This can be done in many ways. I like this tactic. Wait under the bridge near the village we saved miller in.Wait for the storm to come. Mark them with the INT-SCOPE there will be 4 of them. Wait until they begin approaching the bridge. Then head to the top of the bridge slowly. When they continue to approach BREAK fast and hit x and head towards the new LZ.. Landing Zone. Please refer to the video link below to make your life easier.




Recommended Gear :
Silenced Windurger No2.
Fulton Device .
Sneaking Suit .


Main thing here is being fast like many stealth other stealth missions in this game. Rush with D-HORSE to the marker. Make sure to cut east at the start. Please refer to video links. We have videos for just about EVERYTHING Metal Gear V Phantom Pain .

The video will start at the hard part. Once your near the marker hit prone button to hide on the horse just in case. Pressing A on Xbox will do this. Make sure to know that whether you tilt the right analog stick left or right will determine where you prone. "A" or "X"

Head to the rock just outside the first fort/house on when crossing the bridge and coming from the EAST. Hit Y or Triangle and climb the rocks. Prone past the FIRST guard or hit him with the Windurger. Make sure to knock him out ZzZzZ.

There will be a green hose on the ground. Follow that hose through the Green door. There may be a guard in here. Use windurger or CQC on him. CQC - Close Quarters Combat. Remember RT or R2 will initiate CQC. Repeat the pressing of those commands for a silent non-lethal knockout.

Remember no kills = more points. The goal is to get over a certain amount. Hook to the first right open/door with no door actually. You will see the prisoner who is Kazuriha Miller. Hold "B" or "CIRCLE" to set him free. SKIP cutscenes they ADD to your time. You can lose points.

Take him out from the door to the RIGHT quickly. Jump down be sure to look around and head to the horse. Lay Miller on the horse. Quickly mount the horse. Do this A.S.A.P. and ASAP again to the landing point.

Make sure the landing point is closest to your current location. If your FAST enough you will not get caught by the storm or even in the Sand storm. Enjoy your S-RANK. You deserve it. 

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