M10- Angel With Broken Wings


This is an extraction mission. The problem is that your going to have to go through a really heavily guarded area. Of course this is NOTHING on the dreaded mission 12.

Well anyway, We just have to extract one target. I used my BOMBARDMENT support here from the support unit function. Just let loose with it on all the glowing red circles on your map. Then infiltrate the rest of the survivors.

The prisoners get killed over time so be quick. Most Importantly for now head to the BLUE door on in the center of the base once you get to it's core. A Few rooms in will be OUR target to rescue.

100% Extract The Mujahideen prisoner who is being held at Lamar Khaate Palace .
100% Extracted the Escort armored Vehicle .
100% Extracted 3 Prisoners at Lamar Palace .
100% Extracted 2 Prisoners at Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost.
100% Listened to the last conversation between the transport truck driver and Malak.


#1. For this follow the starting paragraph for this mission. This is the main objective. This is also all that has to be done to advance to the next mission. However if you  want to do more I suggest starting here first to get a feel for the mission/level. Once again follow the tactics above.

#2. Extract the Escort Armored Vehicle. There are several times you can do this. The easiest time would be when it has STOPPED at Yakho Oboo. You can then sneak in and infiltrate. Making things easier would be to use Stealth Camo P.P. Prototype.Then Fulton Device Extract.

Alternatively, you could also extract right off the bat from Lamar Khaate Palace. However you would need to use your stealth camo P.P. again or take out all enemies.This would make you lose your S-RANK. However S-RANK is another story. Read on...

#3. Extracting 3 prisoners from Lamar Palace is shown in the video above. Please be sure to check the videos along with the text here in this "hardcore guide".You can use the Stealth Camo P.P. along with D-DOG to help locate the prisoners.Or you can use the video to determine your PA ( Plan of Action ).

#4. Same idea here remember you can complete these as CHECKPOINTS. Once the prisoners are saved AND you save your game the progress will also be saved. This includes your current tasks or objective tasks. Bring along D-DOG again. Smoke Grenades even and make sure to use the HOLES in the ground and crawl through them to the side the prisoners are on.

#5. This one seems like it would be hard. However it is quite simple. Remember that your INT-SCOPE has a built in micro recording chip. This device can pick up enemy conversations when zoomed in from a far away distance.

So what you want to do is get behind the Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost. Climb up the Mountain so you can see inside the base. Have D-DOG mark the Prisoner, Malak. Then Use INT-SCOPE and Listen in on the conversation between the guard and Malak. This will net you 100%. Watch the video for more assistance.

I figured this one would be very easy and fast. However for some reason I had quite a bit of trouble with it. I was laying down mines and decoys but the armored vehicle was backing up the transport truck and catching me. This would result in death or too many points lost. Even worse Malak the Mujaideen prisoner going to his death.

So here was my easier solution. Bring D-HORSE and hook around the east. Be careful of a possible TWO troops on patrol nearing Lamar Khaate Palace in the desert. If you avoid them continue onward and get some RECON going.

RECON the area and INT-SCOPE the armored vehicle and the transport truck. Then stay at position. Make sure to have Rockets if not use a Supply drop. Even a grenade launcher will work although it may take longer. Our goal is to either stop the tank or Destroy it. Also we want the transport truck to move closer to us. That is away from the base. This makes it easier to NOT get caught or die. Malak must be extracted by chopper.

So in conclusive action. I blasted a rocket a bit too early. So I advise to wait about 3-5 seconds before the transport truck starts moving. Then LAUNCH a rocket into the armored vehicle. The transport truck should be near you without any troops. Extract Malak and carry him. Call in Air Pick up and run to the LZ.


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