M11- Cloaked In Silence

First you must start the SIDE-OP mission for this. Then while your heading for the very long marker ride on your horse and also dangerous one. You will enter the QUIET zone. Quiet is apparently a sniper and you should WAIT for a sandstorm to get through this part.

To speed up this process use the PHANTOM CIGAR. Then you can get on  D-HORSE and check your map to make sure your in the right direction.Then boom out of there. Once out the Next mission will begin.

100% Eliminated Quiet.
100% Determined what to do with Quiet.
100% Neutralized Quiet without using lethal weapons.
100% Neutralized Quiet without Firearm attacks.


To eliminate quiet it is actually BEST/EASIEST to go for ALL objectives at the same time. The trick is to get her right at the start and SUPPLY DROP when she is in the FIRST sniping location.

Sounds weird but it's correct use SUPPLY DROP on quiet. A little more to it then that however. You must pinpoint her location first with INT-SCOPE. Then once pinpointed QUICKLY supply drop on her location via I-DROID map. Finally be sure to keep her firing at Snake so just pop in and out of prone/duck mode unless she will switch locations, before being hit by the supply drop. 

2x supply drops will knock away all of her stamina then you can go in on her. Make sure NOT to kill her. Doing this quickly as well will also net the S-RANK and 100% Objectives. Note
you will eventually also gain Quiet as a character.

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