M12- Hellbound

Hard mission that I did pretty good with later after tons and tons of attempts for the S-RANK and all objectives. I really suggest watching the video especially for the S-RANK . A large amount of interesting tactics and speed methods / shortcuts were used.

For starters let's get the mission complete out of the way. I suggest highly to get the TWO delivery points. One at the Serak Power Plant and the other at Central Base Camp. This way instead of taking D-HORSE you can just transport there. It saves tons and tons of time trust me. 

For just the mission completion and gaining the two delivery points. Simply use all you got on the enemies and CAPTURE the bases firstly. Once you gain the two delivery points you can do several tasks or mission side objectives at Central Base Camp.

100% Made Contact with Dr. Emmerich .

100% Extracted Dr. Emmerich .

100% Extracted 3 Walker Gears .

100% Extracted Dr. Emmerich without him taking damage.

100% Secured the vertical glamor poster at central base camp.

100% Secured the blueprint at central base camp.

1. Objective one is necessary to complete the mission. You will do this regardless. The 2nd objective is also necessary you must extract Dr. Emmerich by chopper regardless to complete the mission.

Objective 3 is where things get a bit sticky. Personally i stormed the fort. This takes a very long time however even with air support and bombardments and even WITH Quiet. Also The walker gears are pretty tough and if you accidently kill one of the three walker gears you must start over. Yes there are only 3 walker gears here. The one we use with Dr. Emmerich does not count trust me I tried extracting it.

Stealth camo works for Objective 3. I suggest starting with sneaking suit. Using infiltration as much as possible and extract the 1st walker. If you get caught start using stealth camo p.p. Then once you have all 3 walker gears exit the mission via chopper or after the game saves. You will get the objective. It's an annoying one.

Objective 4 can be just as annoying. However many people pull this off on their first go around of the mission. I did not however, but my second attempt went smoothly. Best advice is to have captured the Central base Camp outpost. This way you will have ZERO troops shooting at Dr. Emmerich. When the Metal Gear comes out run through it's legs and then get a good distance. Try laying the Dr. on the ground then going into stealth mode behind a large rock/mountain side.Finally get to the chopper with the Dr. Emmerich.

Objective 5 is easy. Just head to the middle base in the Central Base Camp. It is a garage of sorts. It will be on the eastern wall hanging up. The blue print is also in this area for Objective 6.Watch the video below if you need more help.


Now for the S-RANK. My load out consisted of the Following most important items. However only a few were used for the entire run. Those are the ones I will talk about.

. Empty Magazine . . Macht SMG with Suppressor . AM MRS rifle with suppressor. sneaking suit. cardboard box. D-dog . Pentazemin . acceleramin . 

The above is all you will need to get by for the S-RANK. So here we go. 

From the start of the level as stated earlier head in the opposite direction through the RED door where we started the mission. There will be a guard standing there either night or day. Shoot him in the head with a silenced SMG shot. I like being lethal every now and then you can option for tranquilizers here. Tranquilizing will also net MORE points.

After eliminating the guard. Stay left and you can run a bit. Watch video for exact details. Be FAST this entire time. It takes practice. There will be one more troop dead ahead that can spot you. Also the gunship. Use the Suppressor AM MRS rifle on the guard across for a head shot. Then being fast jump over the ledge and start crawling. If you do not crawl the gunship will spot you. Do this until you get around the building. If you need noctocyanin to help use it. For your gun shooting pentazemin and even acceleramin will help as well.

Finally there is one more guard up top the building. Take him out with a head shot from the rifle as well. Remember to do all of this FAST. Then use the cardboard box and hold Y or TRIANGLE for the delivery point. Travel to the central base camp.

The central base camp is easier. There are less troops especially with the route we take in the video and here. Pop out of cardboard box form and make sure there is no troop patrolling the delivery point. If there is kill him silently, if not place a marker on your map to building 03. This is the Western most largest building on the map in this area. That is the objective. 

Now it can get sticky here, however that's why we have some empty magazines as well as D-DOG. The only trouble really should be the two guards blocking the entrance to Dr. Emmerich. Throw a magazine or have D-DOG bark. You can also use the sneaking suit and have D-DOG kill the guard. Mix it up however you like. Once you have that opening however take it and get to the Doctor.

If you watched the video you will notice I get caught. RIGHT at the very end of the segment before Dr. Emmerich. So this is going to leave the alert level moderate afterwards. However we have already saved tons of time so the S-RANK is still clear.

Now if you still want to keep the stealth going and to play it safe read on. Do NOT take the walker you will get spotted. Carry Dr. Emmerich on your back and head towards the choppers marker. With the guards down at the door this is rather simple. If you get stuck use the MACHT SMG for the kill or an empty magazine to distract. Once you make it to the marker a cut-scene and Metal Gear or the Sahelanthropus appears.

Segment 3. This seems like things just got worse. Although they are much easier just a bit more intense. Run through the legs of the Metal Gear / Sahelanthropus with the doctor. Run a bit until you find a mountain you can prone under/near. Drop the doctor and then Prone on the ground and go into full stealth mode. Wait here until it is clear then head to the chopper. See the video for more information. Congratulations !


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