M14 Lingua Franca

Just a note that this mission is a bit crazy hard. I say crazy because one of the objective task is bugged. The materials containers must respawn and you must collect all 4 of them. The reason for this is that people could farm GMP too easily so they must respawn. Also apparently an error or bug that does NOT indicate WHICH container we should take without interrogating an enemy. Alas even WITH interrogation I could still not pull off this buggy objective.

Further more the mission is a HUGE waiting game. For the final objective you must listen to ALL 4 interrogations. That means you have to follow the interpreter for about 15-20 minutes. Then you have to do it again because you can NOT extract the prisoners at the same time it's too hard.

I do suggest however to pinpoint the other things we can do for now. Here is the 100% list.

100% Identify Afrikaans Interpreter.

100% Identify the Viscount .

100% Extract the Viscount .

100% Get the INTEL file .

100% Extract all 3 prisoners the Viscount does NOT count.

100% Extract "A" materials container from Kiziba Camp ( bugged )

100% Listen to all four Interrogations .


So we can identify the Afrikaans interpreter right at the start of the mission. We can identify the viscount at the end of the mission in one run. We can extract the viscount in one run. The intel file is in the largest middle building. However doing that in one run or even while doing task #7 could ruin your day.

So do it this way : 1. Identity the interpreter. 2. Identify the viscount. 3. Extract viscount. 4. Listen to all four interrogations along the way by FOLLOWING the interpreter.

In the following run. Get the INTEL file. Then free all the prisoners. 

In the final run if the bug is fixed for you and the containers have spawned. Interrogate a guard for good measure and have him mark the container locations on your map. Then Extract them and complete 100% Good Luck !

:::::::::::: S-RANK :::::::::::::

After the nightmare that was the mission objectives for Lingua Franca. This is one of the easiest S-RANKS in the game. Just go to the position of the viscount near the worm wood on marker in the video. It takes literally only 1-2 minutes and it is very very easy phew !


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