M16- Traitor's Caravan

Once again this is pretty much a following the marker mission. Except there is a big fight at the end with the Skulls. I suggest bringing along a machine gun for the final part of this mission. Preferably the LPG-61. That is what I used and it worked like a charm.

The hardest part of this level is knowing how many times to follow the truck. Also Where on the map you should be to listen to the conversations. So I made the video below edited to cut to the chase and make it faster/easier for the reader or player.

100% Identified the Escort Unit.

100% Identified the Transport Truck.

100% Extracted the Transport Truck.

100% Eliminated the Skulls.

100% Extracted the transport truck driver.

100% Picked up the intel file to pinpoint route.

100% Listened to all 3 conversations between the truck driver and post guards.

100% Extract 3 Zero-Risk Security Soldiers.

You should head to the intel file first. It is in the middle green tent at yellow marker. Capture the outpost quickly or sneak inside and grab it. Then exit the area and head to Nova Braga Airport. Head to the location shown in video and on the map in the video. It is south of the airport along a mountain side. There will be an entire barbed wired wall. Except for ONE area over a green dumpster where you can jump into which is NOT barbed wired.

Instead of going inside the airport first scan the Truck and the escort unit from the higher ground. Then run to the green dumpster and do NOT go over the fence. If you get to close to the transport truck the skulls will pop out and you will miss mission objectives. Just stand outside the wall and wait until the conversation starts and ends. Then move on to the marker just south of Kiziba Village.

This one is a bit easier. There is a ton of room to not get caught. Zoom in with the INT-SCOPE to listen to the next bit of information. So by now we should have objective 1 and 2 done. as well as objective with the INTEL file. In the next location is much harder as it is covered in troops.

I suggest using a stealth camo here and finding a nice hiding spot. Once you feel safe enough get on the ground. If your still worried use another stealth camo prototype. Zoom in with INT-SCOPE and listen to the final conversation and get objective 4. 

Zero Risk security soldiers will be just outside this area. They will be in a vehicle called the APE in game. It is a small 4 wheel drive mini-hummer of sorts. You can sneak up on them and extract them all at once. Alternatively you can use tranquilizers or tactical takedowns. Just make sure to extract them. That will be objective 5.

Finally You can now stop the vehicle in it's tracks. Do so and QUICKLY very fast first thing you should do is extract the truck try to get the truck driver while it's in the truck. If not immediately take him down and extract him. That will be objective 6 and 7.

Then fight off the skulls. Eliminate them all to complete the mission and extract them as well if you can. That will be all objectives. Then leave the hotzone .. good work BOSS !



The S-RANK here is pretty simple. You can watch the video above as well as read on. Simply head to the airport the transport truck will always start there. Hit the area the same way we did for the conversations. This time however jump over the fence and go right for the truck. Watch the cut-scene and be sure to QUICKLY extract the truck once again. Afterwards eliminate the skulls with either the LPG-61 or weapon of choice. Good work !

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