M17 - Rescue the Intel Team

Not too bad of a mission. Actually it's quite easier then the previous set of missions. You can also complete this one pretty fast for the S-RANK. Here we go on with the objective and 100% S-RANK Walkthrough !

100% Extracted The Intel Team Member Escaping in the forest.

100% Extract Intel Team Member held at Kiziba Camp.

100% Extracted 2 CFA Officials .

100% Extract the prisoner held at Kiziba Camp.

100% Extracted 4 search team reinforcements.

100% Extract the transport truck driver.

Ok Forget what I said above and earlier about this mission being easy for the objectives. The S-RANK is easy the objectives are annoying as hell. You may have to do several playthorughs for this one I can help shorten that so read on and watch the videos.

Here is a good strategy even if extremely simplified. Bring all tranquilizing weaponry. Use sleeping gas dispersal via air supports often if not all the time on all targets. Do this fast and try not being lethal. Then just extract every single prisoner, intel member and target that goes down. It is a bit cheap but so is the mission. The INT-SCOPE does not even tell you who the search team reinforcements are. 

Also this mission might be a good idea to test out your parasite suit. Bring stealth camo p.p.as well. This is a great combination together with parasites suit camouflage. This is because it kind of stacks. You will have the stealth camp p.p. and a bunch of parasite camouflage. Although the parasites are harder to come by then the stealth p.p. Also note this is good for objectives only it can not be used during S-RANK.

......S-RANK ...........

After cleaning up all the objectives which I always suggest doing BEFORE going for S-RANKS. You should know locations of all members by now. Just run to the marker where the main objective is. There should be only one guard. Kill or silence him ZzzZz. Then just extract the marker. Remember to get wormhole device from side mission capture the legendary jackal. It makes your life easier.



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