M18- Blood Runs Deep

Another difficult mission. This one is hard to objectives complete and S-RANK. Let's Start with the mission objectives, there are also quite a few of them.

100% Eliminate the Former Rebel Mbele Soldier.

100% Extract 5 prisoners held at Kunenga Mine .

100% Extracted Child Prisoner.

100% Extract former Rebel Mbele soldier.

100% Eliminate the Gunship.

100% Extracted 5 snipers near Kungenga Mine !

100% Extracted 3 armored vehicles.

Eliminating the Former Mbele Soldier is part of the main objective. So First time around Kill him. The 5 prisoners held at the mine are the children. You must extract them ALL without any dying and carrying one of them on your back. Air support can hurt the kids so it is quite dangerous. I suggest bringing suppressed weapons with lethal quality and good accuracy. Also pentazemin and acceleramin.

Extracting a child prisoner will also be completed as you do the main objective. Now for the Mbele soldier you should probably do another run. Just use a tranquilizer or tactical take down on him. Except to make this easier hook around the eastern side of the camp instead of heading from the west. The Soldier is always at the east side of the camp.

Eliminate the gunship in this run as well. It would also be a good idea to take it down in the prime or first run. Bring a quick supply drop of rockets or carry just one heavy weapon in which would be the rockets at the start of the mission.

The 5 snipers is where things start getting ugly. They are NOT the light house men at the light stations/guard post. I was wrong and tried killing them a bunch of times. It drove me crazy, I am here so you do not go crazy.

The game says they are north east and south west at guard posts. However I didn't find them near any guard posts. The North east ones I stumbled across because I was running around the ENTIRE mission area for about 2 hours. The 2nd trip took me another hour for a total of 3 hours looking for these guys. I urge you to watch the video it will bring light to the situation.

Finally the 3 armored vehicles are even more insane. They are no where on the map to be found. I found them by pure luck. You may get lucky finding the first one at the camp the Mbele soldier is found at. Perhaps one on the road near that camp as well. The next ones I suggest staying near Kiziba camp and waiting it out with some phantom cigars. I also HEARD a rumor you can interrogate soldiers and they will pop up on the map. It didn't work for me. However I only interrogated soldiers that were NOT in the Kunenga Mine. Try interrogating Kunenga Mine soldiers and best of luck !


First you want to hook west as stated earlier and QUICKLY take out the Mbele solider. Just lethal him really fast then run to the mine. This is hard there are a ton of enemies here. Best to use lethal weapons and headshots. I stood to the right of the map or the EAST for the entire session. I even get caught however I saved time on the Mbele solider. Also you get a ton of points for saving ALL the kids. It's really not as bad as it seems. Acceleramin and Pentazemin. Lethal weapons and headshots. Smoke grenades for those with some guts and skills.


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