M19 - On the Trail

Finally a nice sweet easy no traces possible mission. Really great mission and I love the way I take it down at the end with the STUN ARM. Awesome fun !

100% Identify the Subordinate of the PF Commander.

100% Identified the PF Commander.

100% Eliminate the PF Commander.

100% Extract PF Commander.

100% Extract PF Commander subordinate.

100% Extract the Prisoner at the Munoko Outpost ( Missiles specialist )

100% Listen to the conversation between he PF commander and subordinate.

Very easy mission here. ALL 7 of these can be done in one run with an S-RANK. All you have to do is first get the prisoner at the near eastern most house upon entering the guard post. There will be one guard there. Just use a tactical choke out take down on him and extract the prisoner with the wormhole Fulton device.

The next is cake. Follow the Subordinate to the marker. He will be in the vehicle at the guard post. You should do some recon and INT-SCOPE analysis here on the subordinate. Afterwards stay behind him and remember this marker for the S-RANK. Main objective is just to eliminate the PF Commander.

Once Subordinate stops his truck he will be near the PF Commander. Do recon and listen in on the conversation. After it's over throw sleep grenades/stun grenades or even sneak up with the stun arm on them like I did. Level 3 stun arm sold separately. Enjoy !




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