M20 - Voices

This mission is excellent. It is a bit challenging because we have another conversation to track down and listen to. The other objectives however are quite fun. S-RANK on this mission is also quite easy and fun. I will break down for the readers here the 100% objectives and S-RANK. Especially the one that seems to be the biggest problem. That would be hearing the conversations.

100% Extract Shabani .

100% Successfully Hit Floating Boy ( Psycho Mantis ) With an Attack.

100% Fought Off the Man on Fire.

100% The Intel File.

100% Capture and extract an African wild dog near AO area of operations.

100% Listen to all conversations of the truck driver.


Remember for the truck driver. You want to get him at the start. Clear out the village silently OR sneak in do some recon and infiltrate. Then get into the back of his truck and use the cardboard box while in it. Alternatively you can just go to the marker point. Make like your heading to man on fire then just listen in to his conversation. The game saves at checkpoint NEAR waterfall area before this. Making this less difficult then some other conversations tasks.

For psycho mantis or the floating boy you want to hit him with a supply drop ! The only way to do this is to first STN ( stun ) the man on fire. To STN the man on fire, use either C-4 or a rocket launcher on the huge tower. There are 2 of them on opposites sides of the water pool. The water towers must be attack when the man on fire is near. They will then break down and burst out water. This will disable or STN the man on fire for a little while. 

Psycho Mantis - Floating Boy will just stay and try and revive the man on fire. He will do this by hovering over the man on fire for about 10 seconds or a little more. This is when you QUICKLY call in a supply drop at the blue triangle which is in fact the MAN ON FIRE. The supply drop if done correctly will ALWAYS drop on floating boy. Giving you the task completion. Afterwards you must extract the man on fire to get that tasks. However he won't be truly extracted just yet.


There is really not much to say here. I did this on my first try. Just do objectives first and know the area well. Bring ZZZ or non lethal weaponry. Hook around to the waterfall. Stay east to avoid most guards. You can even avoid them all if your patient and lucky. 



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