M21- The War Economy

Great mission despite having another conversation. This is a long one to track with a fun and easy method. However there are no save points between all 4 conversations. Best get your stealth camo p.p. ready and upgraded and your fresh cardboard out of bun.

100% Identify the CFA official.

100% Identify the Arms Dealer.

100% Eliminate the CFA official

100% Extracted the Arms Dealer.

100% Extracted the CFA official.

100% Listen to all conversations ( see video tactic below ).

100% Destroy the gunship to get the dropped blueprint from it.

100%. Extract the materials containers at the Hangar of the Airport.

Great thing about this mission is that you can do ALL of these in one run easily enough. Just be sure to have stealth camo prototype. Alternatively you can also add the parasite suit to the mix WITH camouflage. This will make the entire mission a breeze and you won't even need cardboard boxes. However parasites are rarer then cardboard and if you want to take this route, start skull hunting.

Moving on. First head to the area where the CFA official is located. Remember it is at the center of the airport in the big center building on map. He is up the stairs. Infiltrate inside using stealth camo p.p. or solid infiltration / sneak suit tactics.

Once near the CFA Official, hide behind the boxes and quickly call down cardboard box. Use desert cardboard box it worked great for me. Listen to the first conversations once the arms dealer walks in. When they leave dispose of the cardboard box and tail them while staying low. Keep your windurger No.2 Silenced Pistol handy as well just in case.

In the midst of tailing the 2 men QUICKLY scan them with INT-SCOPE to complete the first 2 objectives. Continue following. Use stealth camo again to make your life easier. There will be one walker guard on the left of the outer hangar area. Still the CFA official and arms dealer can spot snake/you as well. Avoid the walker and if still unseen cardboard box yourself once inside the hangar where the small AIRPLANE is located. Listen to the next conversation while in the cardboard box. 

When the two men start heading back into the truck. QUICKLY hop in the back. Then once again go into cardboard box. Wait until they drive then they will stop at the NEXT hangar where the MATERIAL CONTAINERS are. There are THREE materials containers. Just sit in the cardboard box for now and get the conversations. You should have at LEAST 2 stealth camo p.p. left so don't worry we will get the containers on our way out.

Next stay in box and finish hearing the conversation. Stay in box and let the 2 men drive back to the base of the airport where we started. Follow them upstairs and inside except, the problem. There will be one walker gear to your left and 2 solders near the stairs to your north east MOST LIKELY ! Let the walker gear walk away or use your stealth camo here for sure. The soldiers should NOT be clad in armor headgear so windurger or another STN/ZZZ weapon is advised if not recommended. If clear had back into the door.

This is the final conversation. Listen to it and get the objective. Try staying low and hiding behind the desk. I had to do a small jump over it to listen in you may have to as well. Stay crouched and listen, if your nearly spotted crawl mode. You must get ALL 4 conversations in ONE try or the mission will restart you with nothing.

After getting that objective you will now have THREE objective tasks complete. Use an ACCELERAMIN and the windurger No2. at grade 4 or 5 preferably. One shot the CFA official and ZZZ him. Repeat the process on the ARMS dealer. Make sure to have WORMHOLE device to save you time and your own hair/soul. Extract them both for objectives 4,5,6. Extracting the CFA agent counts the same as Eliminating him.

Sneak out the door and up the stairs. You should still be on low alert level. If you can sneak past the guards or tactical take them down STN or ZZZ do so. Take out some C-4 and place 3-4 of them right UNDER the helicopter. Walk a bit away from explosion radius and hit it! The gun ship will crash into the building. It will also drop the MACHT-37 blueprint.

Finally you should still be on low alert level. Use that stealth camo p.p. to head back to the hangar with the materials containers. Extract them and then leave the hot zone for ALL mission objective tasks completed. 


I tried sniping the CFA official from far away. I was successful. However I did NOT get the S-RANK !!! I only received about 74,000 point score for a B. So I suggest you infiltrate. It wasn't too bad for me.

Use noctocyanin then keep using them until you reach the CFA official. Kill him silently or ZZZ/STN then wormhole extract. Finally sneak out through the middle Eastern padlock gate. Unlock it go through then FLEE the hot-zone.


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