M24- Close Contact


100% Extract The Male Engineer .

100% Extract The Female Engineer.

100% Extract 6 nubians near the industrial zone.

100% Extract 2 Four-Wheel Drives.

100% Extract 4 containers near Munoko Nioka Station.

100% Pick African Peach Near the station

100% Extract the eagle near the station .

The Male and female engineers are easy. They are the main objectives. The 6 nubians are a little deep but they are in the location specified. The Four Wheel drives is where the problem comes in. The first four-wheel drive is easy. You can extract it at marker whether the female engineer is in it or not. The 2nd one can always been found idle near the nubian goats.

The 4 material containers drove me a bit insane. I went through every base on the map looking for them. However they are located in location specified. Although possibly failed to mention is you should interrogate someone for the exact location. The location is north west of Munoko Station.

The african peach is easy to find. Just look at your map and bring d-dog with you. It should pop up on a rock near the station.

The eagle can be found right outside the station pearching or flying a bit then sitting. Extract him and tranquilize it.


Very short mission so it is quite easy to S-RANK. Watch the video and infiltrate the area. Keep low most of the time if not all. If you have to crawl then do so. You can get through this one very easily without even having to take out a guard.


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