M25- Aim True Ye Vengeful

100% Extracted the Militants XO

100% Extracted The Child Soldiers Commander.

100% Extracted the prisoner that escaped from Munoko Station .

100% Extract 12 child soldiers.

100% Use a vehicle to extract the child's commander and XO at the same time.

100% Pick the Purpea on the plateau.

This mission is easy enough as well. The first two objectives are the main objectives. The commander is located at the station. You should hook around the back of the station to get him. It takes a bit longer however he is always in the same spot in the back and it is much less guarded. 

The prisoner location is a bit hard to pinpoint.  It is west of the circle marker on your i-droid map. There will be 4 child soldiers guarding the area. Take them out with CQC or tranquilizing weapons NL ( Non Lethal ). Then extract the nearby prisoner. Be sure to extract the children as well. There will be Four of them at this location.

Head to the main marker and start tranquilizing all of the child soldiers. Make sure to Fulton extract them. Wormhole device is recommended however child extraction Fulton is a must.

For the next objective get the commander and the militants XO. There is always a 4 four drive nearby or an APE vehicle. Use that and put both of them in the car. Make sure to DRIVE out of the hot zone. If you don't the XO / prisoner will fall out and you will have to restart at checkpoint.


The Purpea/ purple digitalis is hard to find and made this one take a longer time. Please see the video for exact map marker and location. You must pick ALL 3 just in case. If you don't want to watch the video it is North West of the marker. However it is quite a trek on foot. In the video it is shown at 2:00 minutes.

.......... S-RANK ..........

Very easy S-RANK. Just Extract the commander and the XO at the village. Use Non Lethal weaponry After all tasks is complete it is very simple. See video for more information or visuals.




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