M26- Hunting Down .

This is a nightmare mission if you do not know the location. It took me several attempts. Plus the way they make a formation just gave me a problem. You are in such an open field of vision for the troops to spot you. Well suppressed sniper like the MODEL 2000 NL ( Non Lethal ) Would've helped. However I didn't use it. You probably should and snipe the troops from far away.

100% Pinpoint Trafficker Location from the INTEL file.

100% Eliminate the Trafficker.

100% Eliminate the Trafficker before he reaches Kiziba Camp.

100% Extract the Trafficker and all 5 soldiers escorting him.

100% Extract 4 prisoners at Ditadi Village .

100% Extract a Side-Striped Jackal Near Kiziba Camp.

First get the INTEL file. This is easily located at the marker. You will then see the route on your map. However it does not help much because these guys are always on the move. See the video for exact location. It is near "C" marker at the 00:30 in video. Once you find the group tranquilize them anyway you can. Then extract them all. You should now have 4/6 objectives complete.

Before leaving the hot zone or in another run through the mission get the 4 Prisoners at Ditadi. Use D-Dog to locate and use stealth camo p.p. if you must. Possibly may want to bring the parasite suit with camouflage as well. Extract them all, have wormhole.

The jackal is easy to find because it can also find you. You can extract them by letting them attack Snake. Alternatively you can hunt them down with a ZZZ weapon or windurger.

............S-RANK ...........

For the S-RANK you have very limited amount of time. Bring D-HORSE to the marker and either just kill the trafficker OR extract him and all 5 soldiers. If you do not put out the soldiers you will get hit, cause reflex mode and more. So it is probably better to kill the trafficker then exfiltrate hot zone.


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