M28 - Code Talker

100% Met With Code Talker .

100% Extracted Code Talker .

100% Extracted Code Talker without him taking damage .

100% Extract the Skulls .

100% Eliminate the Skulls .

100% Extract the Armored Vehicle at the end of Lufwa Valley .

Harder mission then the previous few. First run to the marker you will run into the skulls. Four skull snipers with camouflage to be exact. This is also easier then extreme mode so bear with us for that !

I suggest doing a playthrough once or twice or even 3 times then S-RANK for this one. It is quite a challenge. For the skulls quickly mark them. Noctocyanin helps a bunch. If you get hit here it's ok just do NOT get sniped twice. In extreme one snipe kills you :(.. But that's for later.

Use bombardments on each skull. Once you eliminate one you will get the objective. Kill all of them with bombardments for good measure and more parasites. Extract the skulls when you get near their bodies.

Sneak around the eastern side when going into the mansion. This will make you only have to take out the 2 guards at the front and one inside. Do So then head right. Whenever you see lit candles on the ground your closer to code talker. Follow them and go inside the door then head down into the basement. Skip or watch the scene if it's your first time here. You should now have 3/6 objectives.



PLEASE ! Note that the only way to get the armored vehicle to even appear, is IF you take out ALL the skulls AND meet with code talker. Simply after that hide him somewhere safe away from guards. Run to the end of Lufwa Valley and quickly extract the vehicle. 


For code talker not taking damage. Once again you may have to run this mission a few times... You should probably call in Air-Support and begin taking out all the soldiers. Remember there are even soldiers when heading towards the LZ ( landing Zone ) So be extra careful. Code talker takes Just ONE shot you lose the objective. Use CHECKPOINT if you need too.


Just be fast this time around. Faster then last time. We ran through this once or twice so what you want to do is stay east and start with D-HORSE. Try not to get hit then you can ride D-HORSE all the way to the marker near mansion point. If you do get hit and knocked down quickly start running to marker. Easier for now, extreme tactic later.




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