M3- A Hero's Way

Mission 3 . A Hero's Way .

Pretty straight forward. We just want to Eliminate the target.

You can do this in several ways as always.
You can snipe him out if you have a sniper.
You will also mark off more criteria for this mission doing so.

You can also be stealthy and capture him with the fulton device after a silent takedown.
Further more the choice I choose and usually tend to go with is using fire power.
Mark off all enemies from a distance with the INT-SCOPE.
Then start picking them off anyway you would like until you get to the Target.

100% Gather The Haoma Plant in the desert .
100% Gather the Processed Materials below the bridge .
100% Eliminate The Commander 
100% Extract The Commander 
100% Neutrilize the Commander from 100m away or more.

- The Haoma plant grows in the sand in the desert. It is hard to see but
is colored a redish orange. Use the video to pinpoint location between
the village and the keep where we found the diamonds earlier.

-  Gather the processed materials near the bridge. Go towards the
village where the commander/target for this mission is located.
Drop down below and all the way to the END of the bridge BELOW
the bridge will be the materials. They are in a CORNER.

- Eliminate the commander can be done by killing him or knocking him
out then extracting .

- Extract the commander .

- Neutrilize the commander from 100m away or more. Stay to the south of the
base/village. The commander is dead ahead. He is inside the building.
Luckily for me and you there are TWO windows that you can snipe threw to
get a head shot on him. Do so. If your having trouble with any of these further
review the video link below and above.

Recommended :

Very easy mission to get an S-RANK in. Just be fast on D-HORSE.
Follow your way back to the marker. Look inside the center building
at day time the Commander will be there. Possibly even at night.

From there just AIM the Revnov or any other Sniper Rifle at
the commander. Kill him then leave the hot zone. Congrats !

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