M4- C2W

Mission 4 .C2W .

This mission is my current favorite. Possibly because it is quite easy ?
Regardless what you want to do is from the LEFT side go up the hill.
Use the INT-SCOPE and scout out the three satellites / com units.
The first 2 are on the left and last is right in the center.
The center is obviously hardest to get to safely.

Make sure to mark all soldiers as well.
The Windurger with the silencer on would help here a bunch.
As would C-4 for sure and FTW. Make sure to supply drop some if your low
and make sure its developed as well. 

Place the C-4 on the center satellites first in case you die,
it will make things easier. The last 2 are much easier to get too and place the C-4.
So what I did was basically just wait for the opportunity and sneak
in and head up the box on to the roof. Place the C-4 then head back
to the left mountain. Then place the 2nd one dead ahead.
Finally the 3rd one is dead ahead from the 2nd. Then Explode them from a safe distance.
Afterwards just leave the hot zone. Mission Accomplished.

100% Identify The Comms equipment at the Eastern Com Post
100% Destroy The Comms equipment at the Eastern Com Post
100% Secure the rough diamonds Near the Eastern Com  Post
100% Destroy the transmitter at eastern com post ( New Landing Zone )
100% Extract 2 Prisoners from Wialo Village .
100% Extract The Materials Container at eastern communications post.

: Recommended :
- INT-SCOPE - Grade #2.
- Bombardment - Support

: Required :
. Cargo Upgrade #3 .

1. Identify all communications post. These look like DISH TV or Satellite
Dishes. They are Round and half domed. The first TWO are on the left side
or the west of the post. The 3rd one is smack in the lower middle. Get
nice vantage point and just use the INT-SCOPE on all 3.

2. Destroying all 3 communication equipment is necessary to complete
the mission.

3. The rough diamonds are hard to find. I Apologize for having no video
here. The best way I can describe it is there is an ALLEY like way in
between two mountains, better known as a tight canyon.

Then there is a SLIGHT sloped rock that you can go up and right there
will be the diamonds.

4. The Transmitter well create a NEW LZ ( Landing Zone ) Destroy it
with a Bombardment from the I-DROID or The gun Turret on the 
UTH-BLACKFOOT. You can also destroy it with grenades or C-4.

5. Extracting the two villagers would be tough to find without
Man's Best Friend D-DOG. Bring him along for this one and he will
pinpoint the locations in light green/blue for you. Then just
extract them.

6. The materials container is the HUGE gray container at 
Eastern communications post. You will NEED cargo #3. Cargo
#3 is required to complete the game including mission 16.

With that being side to get Cargo upgrade #3 you will need 
to EXTRACT a transportation specialist. Find one in Mission
10 Angel with broken wings. Use D-DOG. or Mission 15 in Africa
Use D-DOG again. When all is done just Extract the Container
Congratulations !
S-RANK :  

. Support - Bombardment 
. Gun Turret - Helicopter 

This is probably one of the easiest/fastest missions to S-RANK in the game.
All you have to do is Either Call down a Fire Bombardment from the Support
Unit via I-DROID right on the Eastern Communications Post.

Alternatively you can just even Use the TURRET on the helicopter and blast
ALL 3 Dishes. Either way you will get an S-RANK --- Congratulations ! 



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