M6- Where Do the Bees Sleep?

Mission 6 . Where do the bees sleep ?  .

Hardest Mission thus far. MAKE sure to bring your D-horse because we got a ways to go.
Hit the relay mountain area first. IF you can get the target the HONEY BEE will be in a different and possibly easier to get location. The target will also tell you where that location is.

If you do NOT save the target like me, read along. Make it to the relay base. Run through on horse or sneak through, you can even go in guns ablaze ! You will get the checkpoint there.

Afterwards head to the next marker. Be sure to stay on your map and roads often. This place is packed with guards. The goal is to get inside the caves.The cave entrance is all the doorways without actually doors on them. Don't worry about the guard huts and such for now we just
want to complete the missions.

So stick left and hook into the doorways and IF there are enemies which there probably will be take them out. This method / entrance zone just gives us an advantage. You can also watch the video to get NEAR the Honey Bee location which is slightly random.

Bottom line is, it is always near the oasis in the cave/water area. Try using the video for help or NVG - Night vision gear.  Once you get it head out and the STORM will come.
To advance here with a bonus try NOT using Honey Bee. For now you should just use it. It is the only way to stop the storm from what I know at this point. It's awesome too so have fun.
One or two blasts at the STORM and as long as you head STRAIGHT you should make it out ok ! Good Luck ! - code

100% . Secured the honey bee.
100% . Eliminated the skulls .
100% . Secured the honey bee with it's ammunition in tact.
100% . Extracted the prisoner that can not speak .
100% . Extract the 2 snipers at Mountain Relay Base .
100% . Eliminated the gun ship .


. Securing the honey bee is part of the main mission. See
walkthrough above.

. Eliminating the skulls is easier later in the game. I would say  to use a High Damage weapon like a shotgun at grade#3 at least. Rockets will work good too and of course a Fakel grenade

. Do NOT use the honey bee after acquiring it and complete the mission.

. Extract the prisoner at Mountain relay base. Attack the troops to do this if you kill them all don't kill the prisoner. Finally extract him after the cut scene.

. The 2 snipers are located in the gray area of mountain relay base. You will notice a structure with steps and such. They are patrolling that area.

. Use rockets and take down the gun ship.


- Windurger No2.
- Noctocyanin .
- Sneaking Suit .

Drop off at the Smasei Landing zone. Make sure to have it by destroying anti-air radar previously. Use the gun turret and take out the tall structures and whatever else you can. Move side to side in the chopper to not take much damage. 

When you land stay in prone mode and head left. Make your way to the honey bee again. There will be NO troops in the lower levels. Use windurger on the 3-4 troops before hitting honey bee. If you need honey bee location video.. SEE WALKTHROUGH mission 6.

Once you have the honey bee flee the base and watch the cutscene. Call D-horse quickly and head NORTH EAST to exit the hot zone.

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