M7 - Red Brass

Mission 7 . RED BRASS : 
Much easier then the former mission. Just head to the marker.Make sure to equip a sniper in your load out. I really didn't feel the need for being too stealthy at just beating this mission. Regardless hit all 3 targets.When you do hit the first one from the south.Then the east and finally the west.It makes it easier and you will get a cleaner shot.Afterwards head out of the zone to complete the mission.

100% Eliminate Commander At Wialo Village 

100% Eliminate Commander At Wakh Sind Barracks

100% Eliminate Commander At Shago Village

100% Extract Commander and all 4 soldiers in his vehicle 

100% Extract all 3 Commanders 

100% Listen to the conversation at Wialo Village of the Commanders

100% Extract the two prisoners at Ghwandi Town

First Take out the Commander at Wialo,Shago,and The Barracks In one session.This will make it easier for later. You must Eliminate all 3 regardless to complete the mission.

Next we want to Extract the Commander and All 4 Soldiers in His vehicle. I realized you can do this separately. You can either get them all at once or if you miss one head to each village and take them by Fulton extraction. Be sure to use tranquilizing weapons. The vehicle is usually around Wialo Village.

Extracting all 3 commanders is simple enough. Just don't kill them, then extract with Fulton Device.

Listening to the commanders conversation could be a problem. Use the sneak suit and head towards Wialo. use the INT-SCOPE on the middle building. This Will be shown in S-RANK video below. Just stay laying down hidden until the conversation is over. You may want to save here. Try fleeing the hot zone or calling the chopper if it makes you feel comfortable.

For the Two Prisoners at Ghawandi Town : Bring D-DOG and head to Ghawandi. Let D-DOG find and locate them via green/blue marker. Then Extract them for the complete task 100%.

*************** S-RANK MISSION : 7 RED BRASS *******************

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