M8- Occupation Forces


First you must eliminate the Colonel in Smasei fort. This fort is jammed with enemies. You really should equip a grenade launcher for this mission.You should have the Fakel-46 grenade launcher by now. IF not use development and create it. If you can't better make some moves to get your R+D team to be able to get it. I have no idea how to destroy the tanks without that or a RL { rocket launcher }.

The Colonel is on the western side of the map. Up on the top of the mountain. Take him out anyway you would like for now and just complete the mission. We will do 100% a bit later.

Afterwards the tanks will come. NOW you want to destroy these tanks EARLY as in once they hit Samsei. IF they reach the fort your in BIG trouble. You may have to restart the mission due to the late checkpoint.

So right when you get the intel message from Ocelot that they are coming in, You should make sure to supply drop some grenade ammo. IF you have a RL rocket launcher your set.

Another good idea is to QUICKLY place C-4 on the ground. Place ALL of them a bit apart from each other and take out all 3 tanks that way.

Note if you miss your chance at Smasei fort like I did read on.Ok so if the tanks make it to the fort you can still take them out.There is a RIGHT hook along the mountain that gives some grenade shotvantage. Use it when the tanks are at the fort. It may take a fewtries but if you do NOT want to restart the mission you should get it. Although it could take just as long as restarting. -code

100% Secure Deployment Plans 

100% Eliminate The Colonel

100% Eliminate All Tanks

100% Extracted the Colonel .

100% Elimnate The Colonel and All Tanks before they reach Smasei Fort.

100% Extracted the Prisoner being held at Sakhra Ee Village .

100% Extraced All Tanks .

************* S-RANK - MISSION 8 - OCCUPATION FORCES *****************


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