M9 - Back Up, Back Down

Mission 9 : Back Up, Back Down :

This mission is timed. It is also one of the hardest missions in the game to S-RANK. For now we are just going to beat the mission and save the rest for later.Bring a grenade launcher preferably the Fakel-46. Also some grenades and even C-4. All we have to do here is destroy ONE tank. 

Now I also ran into one problem, where my Chopper blew up even after the 15 minutes were up. This is due to the tanks having Giant Gatling guns on them. So make sure not to get noticed
when leaving the hot zone.


100% Eliminate an Armored Vehicle .
100% Eliminate Multiple Armored Vehicles and Gunships .
100% Eliminate All Vehicles WITHOUT fire support or air support or resupply.
100% Secure the weapon the armored truck has .
100% Extract an Armored vehicle .
100% Extract the 4 soldiers searching for the escaped prisoner.
100% Extract all 6 prisoners .
100% Extract all 3 tanks.
#1. Eliminate ONE armored vehicle. This is easy. You have 15 minutes to do this. If you do this you complete the mission after 15 minutes.
#2. Eliminate at least two armored vehicles. Three for good measure.
#3. Eliminate ALL vehicles without air support, resupply, or fire support. This is much harder. It took me about 2 days to complete 100% on this mission.Also to get the S-RANK. We will get into S-RANK later. That is why we have videos on all this. Please refer to the S-RANK video specifically for #3. After trying several times you will get used to where to go. For starters. Always
land at the Yahoo supply post. Make sure you have the LZ landing zone. Ride the horse over to the post and kill the first guard or sleep him. Then extract the first armored vehicle inside.
The next one will be right near this post. ATB mines and DECOY come in handy here. ATB mines at grade 3 will blow up an armored vehicle if you use two of them. Decoy and active decoy can stop a tank in it's tracks. This gives you time to Fulton extract the armored vehicles. Remember armored vehicles do NOT count as tanks.
Also EMN mines are amazing for stopping these vehicles and for extraction. You can use the STEALTH CAMO item as well. Just do NOT use these for the S-RANK. Remember all Vehicles will eventually have to ride through Yahoo Supply outpost. This is the area I asked you to land in. Basically if you stay in this area you can eliminate the first 7 vehicles for a 7/7. HOWEVER...
You once again can not use air support,fire support, OR re-supply. So here's what you need to take with you. GROM-11 Grade3-4 Rocket Launcher. This is because it carries 2 more rockets then the current other rocket launcher.
C4 ( just in case )
Basic Land Mine MD21 - ( just in case )
Rocket will be your best friend here. As of course EMN and ATB mines. Knowing  where the vehicles will be is your best bet. But this will take studying and time and of course these video guides.
#4. There will be a green maker truck driving around the outpost. Once it gets there use a DECOY or an EMN mine and jump inside the vehicles back. Take the rocket launcher inside to complete the objective. Note once an  objective is complete I suggest taking out at LEAST one armored vehicle and completing the mission. This is just to ensure you do NOT lose the objective.
#5. As stated in #3. The first armored vehicle can be extracted at the supply post. Kill the guard then sneak in. Extract and leave the area. 
#6. I put a video here for the 4 Soldiers. They are looking for a prisoner. This was another very very hard side objective to complete. The reason is there are 6 prisoners all HIDDEN basically with NO leads. One tip is that after extracting the 4 soldiers a prisoner is directly ahead. Regardless make sure to use STN weapons or ZzZ weapons and extract them. Please see video/screen shot for map location.
#7. Extract all 6 prisoners.
1. Right at landing zone when you land at LAMAR PALACE LZ.
2. To the EAST of the landing zone. Up directly ahead of the 4 extraction soldiers.
3. At Lamar palace inside a locked chamber.
4. Riding on the truck be sure not to kill.
5. At Wahk Barracks. Where we extracted the prosthetics specialist earlier in the game.
6. After the waterfall. Flowing down the river. She ends up near the tree trunk if you take long.

#8. Finally .. You must extract 3 tanks. You may be saying I did this already. NO ! Those were armored vehicles. The tanks come when the gunship comes. The only way to get the tanks and gunship to spawn is if you get all 7/7 vehicles within 15 minutes. Yeah it's the hardest mission in the game. Sad to say we have to do it again later.. :)
So for number 8 Follow rules for #3 THEN extract the tanks. You have a long if not infinite
amount of time at this point graced by the mercy of KONAMI so be thankful and extract.
Once you have studied the routes this really is not that hard. First you want to eliminate all
7/7 vehicles and tanks. You can extract them for NO KILLS which will earn more points. If you
do this then you can finish the mission early. However some are not very stealthy.
The Violent approach is a bit easier. Take out all 7 vehicles. THEN finish off the gunship
and the 3 tanks as you please. You get a ton of points for each and remember you need 130000
for the S-RANK. So do that And try not going into reflex mode .. getting hit and killing to many
enemies. Remember TIME it will cost you points as well. SKIP cut scenes and ALWAYS restart the entire mission after each attempt. Retry points will CRUSH you.


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