Mission 0

You will start the game off on the floor in the hospital.The Tutorial will teach you how to move and the controls etc.Manuals no more ! The tutorial will also walk you through large amounts of stealth.There are a ton of cut scenes in this part of the game that are also great by the way so you might want to watch them.

Some things to note once you start playing.You really SHOULD beat the entire game before searching, free roaming and going for higher ranks in missions. This is due to the games big learning curve. Also the fact that you get a ton of upgraded from completing the main story.
These upgrades will help you later on.


Mission 0. The Prologue Awakening .

Easy enough if you can just follow the tutorials. All though it is long. If your new to metal gear and you do not like the game at this point too much, I do suggest waiting until at least mission 3. Once you hit mission 3 your options increase a bunch and you can begin to FREE  ROAM.

100% : Do Not Trigger Reflex Mode the Entire Mission .

100% : Do not let the man on fire on the horse use his projectiles at you.

Be stealthy complete side objectives 1 and 2 listed above. At the end of the level where everything is on fire near the exit, will be the hardest. Hook left. ONCE you see a white glare know you are almost being spotted. Quickly get back into prone mode and crawl around the left.
Then drop down and run out the door.Keep heading for the door until the mission brings you to the horse segment.

For the horse segment, just keep blasting the man on fire with that shotgun. I got this one the first time around. It is simple enough.







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