Phantom Pain Assault Rifles


- Gryzov Assault Rifle 77 - SVG-76 . HD VIDEO ACTION                             
The Soviet version of an assualt rifle. Brown wood looking finish.Seems to have a better spread control/stability. Although I like the look of the American Model 4 AR ( Assault rifle ). Also it does NOT seem to pack the punch of the  other 2 AR's at the moment at least.    
- SVG-76                                                                         
- SVG-76U                                                                        
- PG-76     



 UN-ARC Assault Rifle -UN-Automatic Rifle For Combat.HD Analysis+Action      


Thus far one of the best and most original looking weapons/guns in the game. This gun has class and a sweet finish.Must see it in action. Be sure to check that video link above. However gameplay wise. I didn't feel much of a diffrernce then the other AR Assault rifles. Yet these are still ONLY grade 1-2 analysis.                                               

                                                                                                                                              - UN-ARC PT  + Scope + Short Barrel + More Grouping .                         
- UN-ARC HB  + Muzzle + Long Barrel + Scope                                   
- UN-ARC NL - ( non lethal )     


- AM-MRS-4 Arms Material Multipurpose Rifle System Model 4                    


This is what I beleive to be the American/western version of the soviet counter part/SVG. It packs a punch but it is a bit big.That does not effect your running speed much in this game. however     it's poor spread fire does. Nothing too interesting about it. Looks wise or game mechanically.                                                         
All variations of this gun type look very differnt collect them all. Each gun also has different statistics. Personally my favorite  AR ( auto rifle / carbine ) ATM.                 
- AM-MRS-4R                                                                   


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