Phantom Pain Grenade Launchers

This is the first grenade launcher you will start using. Such a nice amount of weapon choices in this game ! Well this one can be upgraded to not only a double but a triple barrel conversion. Each conversion will let you hold one extra grenade per magazine. I feel like it has good accuracy and power for the first grenade launcher in the game. The problem is that it can accidently kill prisoners,harm buddies, or blow up targets you would like to extract instead. Comes in Smoke grenade variation as well !


The DGL, Deatchable Grenade Launcher comes in several variations. There is a long barrel version as well as the typical standard short barrel. This one holds more accuracy then the above fakel. It also fires a bit faster and has a bigger impact force. However once again be careful when using grenade launcher. Note that some grenade launchers have the ability to not only shoot basic grenades but this one also has STUN capabilities.



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