Phantom Pain Handguns

Great gun. Looks good and looks even better when upgraded to 2. It has decent damage as well.It can take up to 4-5 shots from mid-range and that includes at head shot to knock out a basic enemy.1-2 Headshots however will do the trick !

This will be one of your most trust worthy weapons in the game. It also will come in a lethal variation which is a nice mix up for the demon type player. It looks sweet and can be upgraded much later in the game to increase options/power at grade 6. however you will need to find the Noise Suppression Specialist. All Specialist can be found by following this HTML guide. Just check the missions sections. As we cover 100% of the game in this "hardcore" strategy guide.


 The Delta was one of my favorite hand guns and it still is. I like the look on it. I also love the silenced version. For some reason I just feel smooth with this gun especially the lethal / main or starting variation. You can upgrade it to grade #6. It comes with several other options including the flashlight.

This gun also has a 9mm conversion type that you can acquire later in the game. This version will increase an already solid penetration at around 7.5-8.0. This means it can go through armor much easier. So take this if your going to be fighting enemies with battle armor on. It will sometimes at higher grade one shot regardless straight through the protective helmet.

The damage will also increase with the 9mm or the "D" version of this gun. The problem is the recoil is worse making it harder to control and proving less stable when going for those much needed headshots.                



This is a classic 9mm handgun. Very sweet and smooth looking. I feel like a bad ass when wielding this one. It also comes in the tranquilizer version which is obviously sweet. It looks great and has the flash light option as well at higher grades also silence option becomes available mid game.

Note that this gun might have the best auto-aim correction in the game for a handgun. Especially that it can hold as many as 12 shots in the magazine while still dealing some decent handgun damage.

You can get this item from saving ALL 5 children in the Blood Runs Deep
Mission. See Mission Walkthrough Above.This gun actually does have some interesting effects.You can mislead guards.You can fry electronic power lines and some more interesting stuff. Don't be afraid to test it out. It does NOT work on the man on fire LOL !


The gun of an infamous triple crosser ! I love the IVORY handle on this gun. I don't know why it's just cool. Anyway It's not bad. It has poor stability I FEEL when compared to the others.             Remember these Analysis will change this is just GRADE1 Weapon opinions. Stay tuned everyday for UPDATES !  

Nice gun major down side even though it holds 30 or more rounds in the magazine is that the accuracy is downright terrible. The auto-aim correction is good. However after shooting 30 rounds with an amazing / BEST firing speed for a handgun in the game. It can get messy.

This is a great side ops gun in my opinion. Secondary ammo is harder to come by the most primary ammunitions. It's just a fun little gun to mess around, free roam or do side ops with. I like it however I would not take it on a big / heavy artillery mission. Even tactical missions the windurger is there for that.


A Handgun that launches grenades. When upgraded fully it packs sick damage. It also has a modification that can shoot STN or grenades that STUN enemies. It may even possibly have the smoke grenade option which would be sweetly. A bit more on this one later ! Enjoy a sick powerful gun for now !



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